10 Simple Tips to Help Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

10 Simple Tips to Help Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

How much do you know about newborns and dogs?

Introducing your dog to your newborn baby (2 of the most loved in your home) can be a delicate challenge, so Mike Deathe from KISS Dog Training  is here with tips to prepare your dog for your newborn baby

Does your dog listen to your voice commands? At a minimum, dogs need to know sit, stay, off (or “down”), lie down, and leave it – these will help you juggle both the baby and the dog.

If you haven’t taught your dog this, now is the time. Obedience training is critical to having your dog stay well-behaved around your new baby.

Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Your Newborn Baby

  • This might sound mean, but it’s necessary to prepare for introductions: start reducing the amount of attention you give your dog every day. This does not mean to ignore them or stop loving them. However, you are going to be very busy with your new little one, and the dog is not going to be able to get as much attention as he is used to. By starting ahead of time, you can better prepare your dog for your newborn baby.
  • Introducing your dog to other babies first is good preparation. Do this safely. Pull out all the stops when it comes to rewarding good dog behavior around babies, infants, and toddlers. Give your dog their favorite treats and love. Let your dog know that these little human beings, while looking different, are not something to fear.
  • If you will be walking your dog while pushing your baby’s stroller, we also suggest you learn Loose Leash walking and walking at heel. This is going to be useful in getting both your dog and your newborn accustom to the new routines.
  • Prepare your dog to be poked, prodded, nudged, and “messed with. This is what we call cradle and message; get the dog used to being touched in all those areas dogs commonly don’t like being touched… Have you ever watched a child interact with a new object? They Chew, Lick, Smack, Mouth, Poke, Prod and even fall on it. One day your little one is going to do that to your dog.
  • Use resource controls (hand feeding the food and moving to bowl feeding) to combat dogs becoming snarky around their food bowls. We can even get into the habit of surprising the dog with treats being dropped in the bowl as he is eating which will make him happy to have folks around while he is eating! Get your dogs used to being around people while eating in all forms. Now is the time to teach your dog, not when your newborn baby comes home…
  • Familiarize your dogs with the nursery. Get them a blanket or bed that is located in your newborns room. Now teach the dog a park it command. This will guide your dog on how to behave around the newborn. Your dog will have familiarity with the room and be used to being in the newborn’s space before they are even home!
  • Does your dog play bite or get mouthy? If so, make it stop. Your dog must learn to be careful with his mouth! Introducing your dog to your newborn can become dangerous if your dog thinks it can play bite around him or her. Consider some sort of training for your dog prior to your newborn’s arrival.
  • Before you bring your newborn baby home, get your dog used to your newborn’s scent. You can do this with a blanket from the hospital, which will have your baby’s scent all over it. Smells are important to dogs. They are how dogs identify other animals and people. Get him used to it and only reward calm behavior.
  • Keep the dog’s routine as normal as possible. Remember, dogs with rules and routines will think of how to make the owner happy vs. thinking like a dog!
  • Do not mix dog toys and baby toys or let the dog play with the baby’s things. This will avoid confusing your dog and help them understand what they can play with. Again, this starts now not when you bring the baby home…


How to Prepare Your Dog to Your Newborn?

Take Mike’s Babies Don’t Bark class…or,

Go get a doll that is the correct size and look of a real baby!

Start carrying it around.

Your dog will notice the difference immediately…just watch.

Doing this, will prepare your dog for the changes you will go through once the new baby is home. You will walk, sit, and eat differently. You will also have way less use of your hands.

The use of a doll gives your dog a chance to get used to these changes.

Next, lay the doll on the ground on a blanket in order to teach your dog to be calm when the baby is on the ground. Practicing with a doll simulates your newborn on the ground. It is great practice for your dog.

Use the baby carrier, Johnny Jumper, slings and all other baby contraptions to familiarize your dog with those baby items too! If you see behaviors that make you uncomfortable with the baby in certain objects or on the ground, we want to know now. Not when the baby comes home.

Now is the time to call trainers, practice and make sure everyone is ready for your newborns arrival.

Smells are also critical. Make sure to use baby lotion, baby oil, diaper cream and powders now around the dog. Pair these baby smells with feeding time or treats so that the dog becomes accustomed them now not when the baby comes home…

Lastly, sounds. Get a cd of baby noises to start the desensitization process now!

Once again, pair with food or treats. Spend time each day getting the dog used to these sounds. I have even been known to wrap a doll in a receiving blanket with a portable cd player in the blanket so I am carrying a crying baby. You can find CDs online that mimic baby sounds for pets.

Remember, you only get one chance to prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby. Take it seriously and work now…not later.

If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, please call a trainer now. Don’t wait till the baby comes home.

I have seen this go horribly wrong for baby and dog… Get help if you need it!

Brought to you by Mike Deathe, Pet Training Expert & Owner of KISS Dog Training

Mike has authored many books including, The Book of Pee and Poop, as well as The Five Steps to the Perfect Pet. Mike began KISS Dog Training in 2008 and continues to train thousands of pet parents on how to live with their beloved pets. His motto is, “I train owners, not pets”.

He is the expert on Babies & Kids with Dogs – just check out his Babies Don’t Bark or Kids & K9s classes.

If you need more tips & tricks of how to work with your pet to live in a calm, safe environment follow Mike’s blog or visit KISS Dog Training’s website.

how to prepare your dog for a new baby

84 Pet-friendly Places to Shop in Kansas City

Pet-friendly things to do are our favorite…including pet-friendly shopping!

Every pet parent & pet lover wants to spend as much time as possible with their furry friends, but what pet-friendly stores can you shop at together? iPetsKC  to the rescue!  Kansas City is FULL of pet-friendly shopping.

84 Pet Friendly Places to Shop in Kansas City

Explore the 84 pet-friendly places to take your dog in Kansas City in our list below.


shop with your pet


Places to Shop with Pets in KC

Find stores at Zona Rosa in Kansas City or shops at Town Center Plaza in Leawood. Discover the dog-friendly Country Club Plaza in downtown Kansas City too! (Many stores at the Plaza put water bowls out in the summer for your pets to enjoy a refreshing drink) Bring your dog on shopping adventures and spend the day exploring Kansas City Metro places to shop with your dog.

Grab your furry fam and let’s go shopping!
  1. Academy Sports
  2. Ace Hardware Stores (must be on leash)
  3. Alter’d State
  4. Apple Store*
  5. Animal Crackers Feed Store & Pet Supply
  6. Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft (must be friendly)
  7. Anthropologie
  8. Athleta
  9. Banana Republic*
  10. Barkville Pet Boutique
  11. Barnes & Noble
  12. Bass Pro Shops
  13. Bath & Body Works* (as long as controlled)
  14. Bebe*
  15. Blue Parkway Bait & Pet Supplies (must be on a leash)
  16. Buckle*
  17. Cabella’s
  18. Charlie Hustle
  19. Chico’s*
  20. Clark’s*
  21. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  22. Doggie Style Bowtique
  23. Eddie Bauer
  24. Express* (on the plaza)
  25. Feldman’s Farm & Home (must be on a leash)
  26. Foot Locker*
  27. Forever 21*
  28. Free People
  29. Gap*
  30. Half Price Books
  31. Hallmark (allow, but some franchises so have their own rules)
  32. Helzberg Diamonds*
  33. Hobby Lobby
  34. Home Depot (must be on a leash)
  35. J.Crew* (on the plaza)
  36. Land of Paws (must be on leash)
  37. The Learning Tree*
  38. LOFT* (MUST be on a leash & not impacting experience of customers)
  39. Lowe’s
  40. Lucky Brand Store
  41. Lulu Lemon
  42. LUSH Cosmetics*
  43. Madewell
  44. Marshall’s
  45. Maurice’s*
  46. Moosejaw
  47. Nordstrom*
  48. North Face Store
  49. Old Navy
  50. Orvis
  51. PetsMart
  52. PetCo
  53. Pet-topia
  54. Planters Seed & Spice Co.
  55. Pottery Barn
  56. Rally House
  57. Restoration Hardware
  58. Ross
  59. Rue21*
  60. Scheels – Check out their PET SECTION!
  61. Scout & Molly’s at Town Center
  62. Sephora*
  63. Sports Nutz
  64. Sutherlands
  65. Three Dogs Bakery
  66. Tiffany & Co.* (must be on a leash)
  67. Tilly’s- Town Center
  68. TJ Maxx (on a leash)
  69. Tommy Bahamas
  70. Torrid*
  71. Tractor Supply Co.
  72. Urban Outfitters
  73. Under Armour Factory House (Legends)
  74. Vans
  75. Victoria’s Secret* (on the plaza)
  76. Vineyard Vines
  77. Waldo Grain Co. (must be on leash)
  78. Waldo Hardware
  79. The Walking Company
  80. Warby Parker (Exam Room- ONLY service dogs allowed)
  81. West Elm*
  82. White House Black Market*
  83. Zumiez*
  84. Scout & Molly’s Town Center


*Shopping Centers:

Country Club Plaza welcomes dogs to walk around the shopping center. The Plaza is a very dog-friendly place to hang out; many dog-friendly places in KC have a location at the Plaza. Several stores put water bowls out in the summer for your pets to enjoy a refreshing drink

Zona Rosa allows dogs on a leash if they are friendly and maintained.

Oak Park Mall does NOT allow pets, even if a store DOES; Only service dogs.

Crown Center only allows service dogs inside the shopping center.

Independence Center does NOT allow dogs inside, even if a store DOES; Only service dogs.

Legends Shopping Center allows pets on a leash to walk around. Stores at the Legends Outlets are not necessarily pet-friendly. Check the list above.

Summit Fair allows dogs on leashes in the common grounds. Stores in Summit Fair are not necessarily pet-friendly. Check the list above.

Town Center Plaza & Park Place allow dogs on a leash to walk around. Stores at Town Center Leawood and Park Place are not necessarily pet-friendly. Check the list above.

Missing a dog-friendly place in Kansas City? Email us to add your favorite place to shop with your dog!

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