Local KC Organization Provides Jobs for Special Needs: Pawsibilities Pet Boutique

It can be hard to find the right job, but special needs can make it more challenging. Often times, those with special needs may not be given a chance to work a regular job & have the experiences that come with that job.

Pawsabilities bridges the gap between those with special needs & living a normal life. Programs allow their workers to be proud of their work…build friendships…& feel empowered & independent. So, come visit their shop to see what it’s all about!

We chatted with Debbie Horn, Director of Pawsabilities, to learn more about their Kansas City organization & how they help pet lovers.

What is Pawsabilities?

Pawsabilities is a day program  at a local retail store, providing jobs for people with a wide range of special needs. Workers operate a local pet treat bakery & pet boutique business to provide jobs & fund part of the program. You can shop tons of pet products at the storefront off Santa-Fe in Olathe, KS or shop online!

Find locally made dog treats like peanut butter treats, pet toys, clothing, hand-made dog scarves & other fun things for your pets.

“Everyone that comes here has parents who have said ‘we want something different’.”

Their main focus is providing a safe & beneficial environment, so those with special needs can thrive.

Pawsabilities found those with special needs have a common thread with most people; A love of dogs. So, they decided to bring the two together to provide  great opportunities with a great dog treat business.

Their ultimate goal is to facilitate a campus in Kansas City, where people with different special needs can live independently, with light assistance when needed.

“These kids want a life like their peers have – the chance to have what they want.” Pawsabilities gives them a chance at that. 

1 Year, 55 People with Special Needs Working with Pawsabilities.

Rather than giving people any job, Pawsabilities works with individuals to find the exact fit for them. Their strengths & unique skills are honed-in, so they can be successful in a work environment. Once in the program, Pawsabilities provides cross training over a variety of retail store skills like; customer service, baking, & running a register.

So, bring your dog in to visit the Pawsabilities store! Workers enrolled in the program love to meet the pets who enjoy their treats. (& just playing with dogs in general)

Their day program aims to develop employable skills, healthy living & current events that can transfer to other jobs outside of the Pawsabilities program. The programs run Monday to Friday 8:30 to 3:30. The main goal is to help participants grow & learn around other people.

There are also evening programs available that serve individuals 10-21  years old, including children who are enrolled in school during the day. These programs focus on fun concepts like drama, older individuals who wish to attend are also welcome.  Learn more about programs online!

How to Support Pawsabilities?

Come visit their pet boutique!

Shop grain-free dog treats like Peanut butter cookies, dog scarves, t-shirts, dog ‘paw’ balms, toys & other fun pet products. Experience the mission of Pawsabilities & bring your pups in for a visit…or you can purchase their products online. Check out what you can purchase at Pawsabilities:

Live from IC PawsAbilities where we’re working to bring you a story on their incredible work here in Kansas City! Take a look at your sneak peek:

Posted by iPetsKC.com on Friday, April 12, 2019

You can also volunteer with Pawsabilities!

The organziation also has an event coming up;

To honor the life of one of their members who was lost to suicide, Pawsabilities hosts an annual Puppy Parade to celebrate her life. The 2019 Puppy Parade will take place on September 21st, 2019 in the Pawsabilities parking lot. (Olathe, KS)

There will be dog costume contests, dog trick contests, carnival games, food, face painting, music & family-friendly fun.

Pawsabilities also hosts a Gala in February of each year, including a fashion show with members of the program.  Their gala includes some individual tickets but is mostly tables from corporate sponsors and groups.

The Pawsabilities program provides a way for those who may not otherwise have a job to thrive in a retail & baking environment.

We are proud to partner with Pawsabilities & hope you will visit their location to check it out.

Come shop with your pets & support a great cause. There are adorable & delicious products for your pets to enjoy like Royal dog scarves. 😊

Unique Dog Grooming School with an Amazing Cause: The Grooming Project

Over 100 million Americans fall near or below the poverty line.

Nearly one third of the KC community struggles to pay their bills & feed their families.

Breaking the cycle of poverty can seem  impossible. Dog grooming is here to break that cycle in KC.

Kansas City organizations, like The Grooming Project, are dedicated to breaking the cycle at home – in our own community.

KC Dog Grooming Service Aims to Break Poverty Cycle

While volunteering with recovering addicts, Natasha Kirsch felt called to help single mothers get out of situational poverty.

She wanted a change.

…to transform the lives of women & parents struggling to give a better life to their children. She wanted to provide opportunities for a living wage in a family-friendly environment.

That’s when The Grooming Project was born.

What is The Grooming Project?

The Grooming Project is a grooming school that provides parents in poverty on the job training for dog grooming services.

Students in the program are given the opportunity to make their lives & the lives of their children better.

While enrolled int eh 6 to 8 month program, nearly 60 other local partners help provide stabilization to Grooming Project students.

Students who exemplify a willingness to change can apply for admission into the organization’s comprehensive program. Dog grooming students receive dog grooming classes, financial coaching, housing, and other services to get back on their feet.

Post graduation, the groomers move into a transitional program where all the pieces come together for their families.

Many graduates are self sustained & off welfare, within two years from starting the program.  The Grooming project breaks the cycle of poverty and gives their students’ children a better future.

The Grooming Project’s mission provides hope to single women and their children all across Kansas City.

How to help The Grooming Project?

The Grooming Project’s incredible work is not possible without community support. So,  get your dog groomed!

Community members receive deeply discounted dog grooming services while supporting their mission.

The dog grooming school earns 14% of their funds from dog grooming services, nearly 50% from their annual gala, and the remainder comes from grants and individual contributions.

Simply put, their community assistance is not possible without you.

While attending dog grooming lessons, students receive on the job training at their primary location. (Off of 58th and Troost next to KC Spay & Neuter)

Are there dog grooming places near me?

Their primary location is off 58th & Troost, next to KC Spay & Neuter.

The Grooming Project will also open a brand new dog grooming location in Lee’s Summit this March!

The new location will offer students more flexible hours and the opportunity to learn leadership skills and the ins and outs of running a business.

This new facility will provide additional training as well as much needed revenue to support the project’s goals.

Additionally, The Grooming Project is partnering with Neighborhoods of Hope to break ground on a new student housing facility coming in 2019.

The Grooming Project Annual Gala

The Grooming Project’s 2019 annual gala will take place at the Grand Ballroom in downtown Kansas City (next to the Kauffman Center for Performing Arts) on September 14th.

The annual event will include a sit down dinner, silent auction, and live auction. Attendees will enjoy an evening of fun while supporting the project’s inspiring initiative.

Watch The Grooming Project’s website for ticket information.

If your family is looking to get involved with this incredible organization, you are encouraged to reach out to Betty Jean Curran, volunteer coordinator with The Grooming Project. (bjcurran@epekc.org)

The Grooming Project is always looking for coaches to support students, event committee members, & volunteers to bring in meals, school supply donations, and other helpful tasks.

For more details on The Grooming Project, their dog grooming services in KC, or to schedule a grooming appointment for your pet, visit them online at thegroomingproject.org.

We can all agree their mission is amazing, so head to their Kansas City location to groom your dog today.

It’s helping a great cause while also getting discounted dog grooming!

10 Simple Tips to Help Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

10 Simple Tips to Help Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

How much do you know about newborns and dogs?

Introducing your dog to your newborn baby (2 of the most loved in your home) can be a delicate challenge, so Mike Deathe from KISS Dog Training  is here with tips to prepare your dog for your newborn baby

Does your dog listen to your voice commands? At a minimum, dogs need to know sit, stay, off (or “down”), lie down, and leave it – these will help you juggle both the baby and the dog.

If you haven’t taught your dog this, now is the time. Obedience training is critical to having your dog stay well-behaved around your new baby.

Tips to Prepare Your Dog for Your Newborn Baby

  • This might sound mean, but it’s necessary to prepare for introductions: start reducing the amount of attention you give your dog every day. This does not mean to ignore them or stop loving them. However, you are going to be very busy with your new little one, and the dog is not going to be able to get as much attention as he is used to. By starting ahead of time, you can better prepare your dog for your newborn baby.
  • Introducing your dog to other babies first is good preparation. Do this safely. Pull out all the stops when it comes to rewarding good dog behavior around babies, infants, and toddlers. Give your dog their favorite treats and love. Let your dog know that these little human beings, while looking different, are not something to fear.
  • If you will be walking your dog while pushing your baby’s stroller, we also suggest you learn Loose Leash walking and walking at heel. This is going to be useful in getting both your dog and your newborn accustom to the new routines.
  • Prepare your dog to be poked, prodded, nudged, and “messed with. This is what we call cradle and message; get the dog used to being touched in all those areas dogs commonly don’t like being touched… Have you ever watched a child interact with a new object? They Chew, Lick, Smack, Mouth, Poke, Prod and even fall on it. One day your little one is going to do that to your dog.
  • Use resource controls (hand feeding the food and moving to bowl feeding) to combat dogs becoming snarky around their food bowls. We can even get into the habit of surprising the dog with treats being dropped in the bowl as he is eating which will make him happy to have folks around while he is eating! Get your dogs used to being around people while eating in all forms. Now is the time to teach your dog, not when your newborn baby comes home…
  • Familiarize your dogs with the nursery. Get them a blanket or bed that is located in your newborns room. Now teach the dog a park it command. This will guide your dog on how to behave around the newborn. Your dog will have familiarity with the room and be used to being in the newborn’s space before they are even home!
  • Does your dog play bite or get mouthy? If so, make it stop. Your dog must learn to be careful with his mouth! Introducing your dog to your newborn can become dangerous if your dog thinks it can play bite around him or her. Consider some sort of training for your dog prior to your newborn’s arrival.
  • Before you bring your newborn baby home, get your dog used to your newborn’s scent. You can do this with a blanket from the hospital, which will have your baby’s scent all over it. Smells are important to dogs. They are how dogs identify other animals and people. Get him used to it and only reward calm behavior.
  • Keep the dog’s routine as normal as possible. Remember, dogs with rules and routines will think of how to make the owner happy vs. thinking like a dog!
  • Do not mix dog toys and baby toys or let the dog play with the baby’s things. This will avoid confusing your dog and help them understand what they can play with. Again, this starts now not when you bring the baby home…


How to Prepare Your Dog to Your Newborn?

Take Mike’s Babies Don’t Bark class…or,

Go get a doll that is the correct size and look of a real baby!

Start carrying it around.

Your dog will notice the difference immediately…just watch.

Doing this, will prepare your dog for the changes you will go through once the new baby is home. You will walk, sit, and eat differently. You will also have way less use of your hands.

The use of a doll gives your dog a chance to get used to these changes.

Next, lay the doll on the ground on a blanket in order to teach your dog to be calm when the baby is on the ground. Practicing with a doll simulates your newborn on the ground. It is great practice for your dog.

Use the baby carrier, Johnny Jumper, slings and all other baby contraptions to familiarize your dog with those baby items too! If you see behaviors that make you uncomfortable with the baby in certain objects or on the ground, we want to know now. Not when the baby comes home.

Now is the time to call trainers, practice and make sure everyone is ready for your newborns arrival.

Smells are also critical. Make sure to use baby lotion, baby oil, diaper cream and powders now around the dog. Pair these baby smells with feeding time or treats so that the dog becomes accustomed them now not when the baby comes home…

Lastly, sounds. Get a cd of baby noises to start the desensitization process now!

Once again, pair with food or treats. Spend time each day getting the dog used to these sounds. I have even been known to wrap a doll in a receiving blanket with a portable cd player in the blanket so I am carrying a crying baby. You can find CDs online that mimic baby sounds for pets.

Remember, you only get one chance to prepare for the arrival of your newborn baby. Take it seriously and work now…not later.

If you see anything that makes you uncomfortable, please call a trainer now. Don’t wait till the baby comes home.

I have seen this go horribly wrong for baby and dog… Get help if you need it!

Brought to you by Mike Deathe, Pet Training Expert & Owner of KISS Dog Training

Mike has authored many books including, The Book of Pee and Poop, as well as The Five Steps to the Perfect Pet. Mike began KISS Dog Training in 2008 and continues to train thousands of pet parents on how to live with their beloved pets. His motto is, “I train owners, not pets”.

He is the expert on Babies & Kids with Dogs – just check out his Babies Don’t Bark or Kids & K9s classes.

If you need more tips & tricks of how to work with your pet to live in a calm, safe environment follow Mike’s blog or visit KISS Dog Training’s website.

how to prepare your dog for a new baby

My Dog Is Bloated. What to Do From Expert Vet – GDV & Signs of Bloat in Dogs

What to do if My Dog is Bloated?

Bloat in Dogs Information, Emergency Treatment, & Prevention. 

By Expert Veterinarian: Dr. Philip Allen with Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty

Signs & How to Prevent Bloat in Your Dogs

What to do when you notice bloating in your dog.

Your 6-year-old Great Dane, Luna, just finished dinner and is lying on the couch watching TV with you. She gets up suddenly &  begins pacing the kitchen. Despite your best efforts, you can’t get her to settle down. She retches, trying to vomit, but nothing comes out. You become worried because she seems agitated.

You notice her stomach seems bloated. Growing concerned, you bring her to your nearest emergency hospital where she is diagnosed with gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). Luna requires emergency surgery to save her life.

What is Bloat in Dogs?

GDV (gastric dilatation and volvulus) is a common and catastrophic disease that primarily affects large and giant breed dogs.

GDV - My dog is bloated what do I do?

Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Labradors are particularly at risk, but the disease has been reported in almost every breed. Of the smaller breeds, it is most common in Bassett Hounds.

Dogs having a direct relative with a history of GDV appear to be at increased risk as well. Though not consistently supported by research, additional possible risk factors include eating fewer meals rapidly, aggressive or fearful temperament, or having a history of spleen removal (abdominal organ).

What does Bloating in Dogs Mean?

In this disease process, the stomach twists on itself. Because of the new position, the stomach begins to swell rapidly with gas.

This distension causes a number of severe and life-threatening complications including decreased blood flow back to the heart, dysfunction of the heart, and death of the stomach wall. Because these complications are life-threatening, emergency surgery is required to decompress the stomach. The vet will then rotate the stomach into its normal position. However, emergency surgery is only required in bloated dogs that are found to have GDV.

Signs of Bloating in Dogs:

Signs to watch for at home that could indicate your dog has GDV include:

  • Unable to get comfortable or rest
  • Retching without production of stomach contents
  • A firm, bloated stomach

If any of these are noted, it is necessary to bring your dog to a veterinarian immediately. After a thorough physical examination, the veterinarian will likely recommend radiographs (x-rays), which often have a classic appearance associated with the twisting and gas distension of the stomach.

If GDV is suspected, your veterinarian will recommend immediate stabilization and surgery. Surgery includes an incision into the abdomen, evaluation of all abdominal organs, rotating the stomach back to its normal position, and a ‘gastropexy’.

In order to prevent reoccurrence, gastropexy is used to securely adhere the stomach inside the abdomen to the body wall. Surgery without gastropexy has a recurrence rate as high as 80%, while intervention with gastropexy decreases recurrence to less than 3%.

What to do for Your Bloated Dog?

The great news is there is something we can do to prevent this potentially fatal occurrence.

If you have a large or giant breed dog, you may consider having a prophylactic gastropexy performed. This procedure essentially eliminates the risk of your dog developing GDV in the future.

Traditionally, this is performed through a large incision into the abdomen. Some specialty veterinary hospitals, including Mission Veterinary Emergency and Specialty, offer laparoscopic gastropexy. This procedure allows for a surgeon to perform a gastropexy through a very small incision with the use of cameras and specialized equipment.

This significantly reduces the invasive nature of the procedure and has been proven to be as effective as the more traditional methods of surgery. Your dog can also be simultaneously spayed in a similarly minimally invasive way or neutered routinely. Multiple studies have shown that the strength of a laparoscopic gastropexy is as strong as any of the more traditional and more invasive techniques.

Should I Be Worried for My Dog?

While GDV is a life-threatening disease, it can be managed with a high rate of success if identified quickly. Additionally, prophylactic gastropexy should be considered in breeds that are predisposed, or for owners that want to eliminate risks of developing GDV in the future. Please consult with your primary care veterinarian or the specialists at MVES for more information.

If you see bloat in your dogs or need immediate medical treatment for your pets, Mission Vet Emergency & Specialty have a 24 HOUR Critical Care Line, just for you: (800) 790-7766, call any time!

If you have other questions, be sure to reach out to Philip Allen & the helpful staff at Mission Veterinary Emergency & Specialty.

What to do for Bloat in Dogs

You can also learn more about Animal Welfare and Humane Societies in Kansas City,  or dog bite prevention and what to do if it happens to you.

Want to stay up to date on the latest scoop about pets? Sign-up for The Scoop now to get exclusive event invitations, pet info, things to do with pets in Kansas City, & so much more.

Everything You Need to Know: Animal Welfare & Humane Education in Kansas City

Animal Welfare & Humane Education

No matter how big or small, impact is impact and affects what that child or teenager does from that point forward. –Ashley Stanley, Animal Welfare Education Manager

Animal welfare and humane animal education are important in today’s society. Animals have rights & should be treated with respect.

…but what school offers those kinds of classes?

How can you teach your kids the value of living beings & compassion?

Surprisingly, local animal shelters & your humane society offer many different animal education & handling classes. You can learn about a wide range of animal welfare topics including how to handle animals, pet safety, animal etiquette, dog safety, & what is similar between us and animals.

What is Humane Animal Education?

Humane education teaches the significance of treating all living beings with care. Often times, local animal shelters, like Wayside Waifs, use classes and programs to encourage an understanding of respect and compassion in children.

According to the ASPCA, animals have five freedoms that collectively makeup animal welfare. These are topics covered in animal welfare & humane education classes.

What are the 5 Animal Welfare Freedoms?

  1. Freedom from pain, injury, or sickness
  2. Freedom from personal discomfort
  3. Freedom from starvation & thirst
  4. Freedom to have normal behavior
  5. Freedom from fear & stress

At Wayside Waifs, their educational programs teach the importance of practicing five core values: Responsibility, Self-Control, Compassion, Integrity and being Humane. Animal welfare is a cornerstone of the Wayside Waifs’s mission. Over the last 74 years, their animal welfare classes & humane education programs have grown dramatically.

Find Specific Animal Humane Education Programs:

Wayside Waifs offers many different humane education programs to teach kids about animal welfare.  Their educational programs include:

  • PAW-etiquette for Pooches & People
  • Dog Safety
  • Activiting Em-PAW-thy: Exploring Similarities between Pets & Peoples
  • Once U-PAW-n A Time: Reading for Pets & People
  • Kids in Action
  • A variety of educational tours

In 2017, their humane education programs reached 14,000 people, nation-wide. If you are interested in this program for your kids or group outing, call Wayside Waifs or check it out on the web.

No More Bullying!® (a violence prevention curriculum) is extremely applicable in today’s society. The educational class teaches 3rd through 5th grade students the significance of treating things kindly and is now taught in 14 states!Companion Animals Aid Humane Education

Companion animals keep kids engaged in learning. 

Wayside Waif’s companion animals are the forefront of all Humane Education programs. Students understand, relate and have empathy towards the animal they see in front of them.

Currently, they have 13 companion animals. Each humane education animal must pass Companion Animal testing to be eligible. These dogs are extremely tolerant and do well in large groups & with children.

“With every Humane Education program we present, we see lightbulbs go on in the minds of the students,” said Ashley Stanley, Humane Education Manager. “No matter how big or small, an impact is impact and affects what that child or teenager does from that point forward.”

For information about Humane Education programs, including No More Bullying!®, visit the Wayside Waifs website.


Fun Pet Friendly Things to Do in Kansas City: Paint WITH Your Pet!

Pet Friendly Things to Do: Paint WITH Your Pet!

Paint memories with your pets at Paint, Glaze, & Fire: find fun pet friendly things to do. 

You share so many special memories with your dog: trips to the park, long walks, and lots of hugs.

man’s best friend is right.

We can all agree, we love our animals enough to get a painting done of them…but what if you could get creative WITH your dogs?

Paint, Glaze & Fire invites you and your furry family to take part in exciting projects that you can make with your four-legged friends.

Paint with your pet is near me! Check it out:

Are There “pet friendly” things to do WITH my Dog?

We all want more pet friendly things to do, but what can our pets actually participate in? Pawprint art is a fun way to create a cute, customized keepsake with the help of your furry friend.

Stamp your dog’s pawprint on a four-inch tile for FREE, which we will glaze and fire the tile fo you.

Pawprint tile art makes a perfect trivet or wall hanging for your home.  And don’t worry about pet paint…the nontoxic, water-based paint wipes off easily, so there’s no mess. If your furry friend happens to be extra furry, we recommend trimming the hair around his pads ahead of time to get a clean print.

You can find us making pawprint tiles at pet friendly events around town like Rock and Brew and Santa Dogs, or bring your well-mannered dogs to the studio for creative fun! If you’re looking for more pet friendly things to do, call us to see what event we will be at next!

Make Pet Gifts or Gifts for Pet Lovers

Handmade gifts are so thoughtful…

Paint, Glaze & Fire can also help you make personalized pet gifts too! Choose from a variety of ceramic pieces that you can personalize for your dog or create wonderful gifts for pet lovers.

The shelves are filled with treat jars, canisters, food & water bowls, picture frames, dishes, ceramic animals, and other personalized pet gifts for you to create! Decorate your pet gifts with pawprints or create your own designs.

Whether you come in to make gifts for pet lovers or pet gifts for your own furry family, we have you covered.  Paint, Glaze, & Fire can customize your pet-themed project or create something completely different with you.

We’ll help you find the inspiration you need to create a piece you’ll be proud of. With tools like silk screen stencils, specialty paints, sponges, and stamps, it won’t be long before you realize how fun (and easy) it is to be anartist!

pet friendly things to do in Kansas City

Can I Take My Pet Gift Home with Me?

When your work is complete, you’ll leave it with us for 7-10 days to glaze  and fire personalized gifts or works of art in our kiln.

The finished product is safe for food, so you (or your dogs) can eat from it!

Find Paint,  Glaze & Fire‘s details about pricing, special events, and other activities like glass fusion and canvas painting on the website.

Remember, there’s a per person studio fee for painting ceramics, plus the cost of the pieces you choose to paint. Check out the daily specials below…there are many ways to save a little money while getting creative.

You can find their current daily specials below:

TUESDAYS – THURSDAYS: 1/2 price studio fees all day long
YOUNG AT HEART SPECIAL: Ages 55+ 1/2 Price Studio Fees Any Day
SPECIAL POPS (for kids & adults with special needs): Studio Fee Always 1/2 Price
BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER: 1/2 Price Studio Fees Any Day
KIDS OUT OF SCHOOL? Studio Fees are always 1/2 price during the school year when kids are out of school for teacher conferences, winter break, etc. Just mention this special when you arrive at the studio.
SHEFFIELD PLACE – Donate an old cell phone and receive 25% off One Piece of Pottery. May be combined with 1/2 price Studio Fee Daily Special but not with other promotions or discounts. Cell phones are recycled and proceeds go to support Sheffield Place.
MILITARY DISCOUNT: 15% off ticket any day! On 1/2 price studio fee days discount applies only to pottery.

Give Paint, Glaze, & Fire a call at 913-661-2529 before bringing your pooch in; dogs do best when the shop isn’t too busy.

We’d also love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like to make reservations. We hope to see you and your furry friends soon at this fun thing to do with your pet.


Easy Tips for Firework Pet Safety: Make Your Pets Comfortable on 4th of July

We can all agree we love 4th of July.

…but do our pets feel the same?

In a recent survey*, 44% of pet parents said fireworks scare their pets.


How can you make your pets feel safe and comfortable during the 4th of July festivities?

Pet Safety Tips for 4th of July

Our friends at Turner Animal Hospital gathered some tips & tricks for helping your pets cope with fireworks this season. Check it out below:

  1. Don’t wait to plan.  Consult your veterinarian about any changes you can make in the short term to help your pet. There are many steps you can take to help your pets feel safe during fireworks, but don’t wait till the last minute. Take action early.
  2. Build a safe space for your furry friend. Fill it with toys and other comfort objects that they can hang out with. This will help to increase their familiarity and reduce anxiety.
  3. Got ID? If you are planning to take your pets out of of the house this 4th of July, be sure they have proper identification. It is common for pets to dart away at loud noises. Don’t let them get lost. Make sure their collar is securely fastened with their name tag & microchip them if possible.
    1. It is better to leave your pets at home during the festivities. Even if you want them included in the fun, there are many ways they can be hurt. Be sure to consider fireworks safety for your pet.
  4. Don’t take pets out after dark. Obviously, fireworks displays start once the sun has gone down. Some neighborhoods allow fireworks to be done in streets as well. Walk your dog during the light hours to minimize the amount of fireworks they are exposed to.
  5. Ask your vet if there are options for reducing stress and anxiety with supplements. Some pets may not need this extreme of a solution, but many do. (One of our dogs is terrified and the other loves fireworks)
  6. Distractions work best. Personally, our dogs love Modern Family, but any TV show, music, or movie will do. You can also fill their safe space with new toys for them to explore. The noise & new toys will help to drown out the noise & commotion happening outside. Your pets will be focused on what’s happening inside rather than the loud noises.

If you think about your pets’ needs early, there are simple steps you can take to make a big difference. Then, your pets can enjoy 4th of July too! (Just maybe not the same way we do.)

If you want more tips or personalized advice, reach out to your local veterinarian to discuss options for your pets. The caring & friendly staff at Turner Animal Hospital is a great resource for your furry family!

*PDSA, Online Survey 2013


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dog Bite Prevention & Pet Safety

Dog Bite Prevention Week

Dog Bite Prevention Week.

Dear Fellow Animal Lovers & Pet Parents,

Dog bites can pose a serious health risk to our communities. More than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year in the United States. More than 800,000 receive medical attention for their dog bite, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At least half of those bitten are children. 

It’s National Dog Bite Prevention Week!

There are many things that can be done at home and within the community to help prevent a dog from biting someone. National Dog Bite Prevention Week® is celebrated the second full week of April each year. This year, the dates are April 8-14. During this time, we would like to remind pet owners & the public that the majority of dog bites are preventable.Turner Animal Hospital for Dog Bite TreatmentWhy do dogs bite?

Dogs bite for a variety of reasons, but bites occur most commonly as a reaction to something. It is important to remember that any dog can bite; big or small, male or female, young or old. Even the cuddliest, fuzziest, sweetest pet can bite, if provoked. It is not a dog’s breed that determines whether it will bite, but rather the dog’s individual history and behavior. It is important to remember responsible pet ownership to avoid your dog biting others.

How to Prevent Dog Bites:

  • Socialization is a good way to help prevent your dog from biting. Introducing your dog to other animals and people while it’s still a puppy will help your pet feel more comfortable in different situations. As it gets older, your dog will feel comfortable around others.
  • Responsible pet ownership builds a solid foundation for dog bite prevention. Basics of responsible dog ownership can help reduce the risk of dog bites. Carefully selecting the dog that’s right for your family is very important. Do you research before adopting a new pet. Proper training, regular exercise, and neutering or spaying your pet are also responsible habits for pet owners. It’s also recommended to use a leash in public to make sure that you are able to control your dog.
  • Educate yourself and your children about how – or whether – to approach a dog. This includes avoiding risky situations and understanding when you should certainly not interact with a dog. Instances where dogs should be left alone include: if it is not with its owner, if it is sleeping, or if it is growling or barking. (to name just a few scenarios)
  • Reading a dog’s body language can also be helpful. Just like people, dogs rely on body language, posture and vocalizations to express themselves. While we can’t always read a dog’s body language accurately, it can give us helpful clues as to whether a dog is feeling stressed, frightened, or threatened.

But, how can you be sure your pet is happy, healthy, and safe?

Get peace of mind about your pet’s environment & health with Turner Animal hospital. You don’t need to be a pet expert. Their amazing staff is here for you!

Veterinarians play a key role in educating and guiding the community about dog bites and other pet health prevention strategies. Contact your veterinarian for more information or visit Turner Animal Hospital on Facebook for more Dog Bite Prevention Tips and Info.


Eric McConkey, DVM and Tara McConkey, CVPM

Co- Owners, Turner Animal Hospital

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How to Get Rid of Pet Stains: Easy Tips from BIO-NIHILATOR – The Pet Stain Cleaners

Pet stains happen all the time, but we still love our pets. 🙂 Don’t let smelly stains stink up your house. BIO-NIHILATOR™ is here to clean up your pet stains for good.

Their carpet and hardwood floor cleaners are specially formulated by carpet cleaners to effectively get rid of your pets’ (and family’s…) stains. BIO-NIHILATOR™ cleaning products are environmentally safe, so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your pets. Clean and go!

Need it now? You can purchase BIO-NIHILATOR™ online or find a local, authorized retailer in Kansas City.



Get Rid of Pet Stains…For Good.

BIO-NIHILATOR™ products are bio based, environmentally safe cleaning products that effectively clean fecal matter, urine and vomit stains, while offering a natural and pleasant fragrance. There are no strong smells or odors either. Get rid of smelly pet stains for good.

BIO-NIHILATOR™ offers both carpet cleaners and hardwood floor cleaners to tackle different kinds of stains & surfaces. It works great to clean pet stains, but cleans other kinds of stains too!

Local, KC Company

We love KC companies! Give them some local love.

BIO-NIHILATOR cleaning products are locally created and support people in OUR community. Support our community & clean your pesky pet stains in the process. 🙂 You can find their products around KC at many different stores.

Environmentally Safe & Effective Pet Cleaners

Get rid of pet stains with professional strength cleaning products that are also ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE. It’s critical to keep our pet safe and BIO-NIHILATOR™  does just that. While cleaning your stains!

BIO-NIHILATOR™ was developed by carpet cleaners when an effective solution couldn’t be found. For years they used professional strength enzymes already on the market with mixed results from clients. They had enough. Their carpet cleaning company, AFC Cleaning & Restoration, found many house calls were to clean tough pet stain and odor issues, so they had to find a solution.

They began experimenting to create their own unique cleaning solutions, which turned out to be more effective.  BIO-NIHILATOR™ was born!

BIO-NIHILATOR™ wants to spread the pet stain hack of their cleaning products with the world. Their special solution  was created just for you and your furry fam. ?

Tackle any stain your pets and family throw your way with their carpet cleaner or hardwood floor cleaner. Both work great! (I should know….we have too many pet accidents in this house.) You can purchase BIO-NIHILATOR™ from their website or find a local retailer near you. Their products are tested and backed by the iPetsKC team. We love their products for the many messes in our home – pets & kids!

We hope this solution helps you clean messes a little faster, so you can get back to hangin’ with your furry fam.

84 Pet-friendly Places to Shop in Kansas City

Pet-friendly things to do are our favorite…including pet-friendly shopping!

Every pet parent & pet lover wants to spend as much time as possible with their furry friends, but what pet-friendly stores can you shop at together? iPetsKC  to the rescue!  Kansas City is FULL of pet-friendly shopping.

84 Pet Friendly Places to Shop in Kansas City

Explore the 84 pet-friendly places to take your dog in Kansas City in our list below.


shop with your pet


Places to Shop with Pets in KC

Find stores at Zona Rosa in Kansas City or shops at Town Center Plaza in Leawood. Discover the dog-friendly Country Club Plaza in downtown Kansas City too! (Many stores at the Plaza put water bowls out in the summer for your pets to enjoy a refreshing drink) Bring your dog on shopping adventures and spend the day exploring Kansas City Metro places to shop with your dog.

Grab your furry fam and let’s go shopping!
  1. Academy Sports
  2. Ace Hardware Stores (must be on leash)
  3. Alter’d State
  4. Apple Store*
  5. Animal Crackers Feed Store & Pet Supply
  6. Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft (must be friendly)
  7. Anthropologie
  8. Athleta
  9. Banana Republic*
  10. Barkville Pet Boutique
  11. Barnes & Noble
  12. Bass Pro Shops
  13. Bath & Body Works* (as long as controlled)
  14. Bebe*
  15. Blue Parkway Bait & Pet Supplies (must be on a leash)
  16. Buckle*
  17. Cabella’s
  18. Charlie Hustle
  19. Chico’s*
  20. Clark’s*
  21. Dick’s Sporting Goods
  22. Doggie Style Bowtique
  23. Eddie Bauer
  24. Express* (on the plaza)
  25. Feldman’s Farm & Home (must be on a leash)
  26. Foot Locker*
  27. Forever 21*
  28. Free People
  29. Gap*
  30. Half Price Books
  31. Hallmark (allow, but some franchises so have their own rules)
  32. Helzberg Diamonds*
  33. Hobby Lobby
  34. Home Depot (must be on a leash)
  35. J.Crew* (on the plaza)
  36. Land of Paws (must be on leash)
  37. The Learning Tree*
  38. LOFT* (MUST be on a leash & not impacting experience of customers)
  39. Lowe’s
  40. Lucky Brand Store
  41. Lulu Lemon
  42. LUSH Cosmetics*
  43. Madewell
  44. Marshall’s
  45. Maurice’s*
  46. Moosejaw
  47. Nordstrom*
  48. North Face Store
  49. Old Navy
  50. Orvis
  51. PetsMart
  52. PetCo
  53. Pet-topia
  54. Planters Seed & Spice Co.
  55. Pottery Barn
  56. Rally House
  57. Restoration Hardware
  58. Ross
  59. Rue21*
  60. Scheels – Check out their PET SECTION!
  61. Scout & Molly’s at Town Center
  62. Sephora*
  63. Sports Nutz
  64. Sutherlands
  65. Three Dogs Bakery
  66. Tiffany & Co.* (must be on a leash)
  67. Tilly’s- Town Center
  68. TJ Maxx (on a leash)
  69. Tommy Bahamas
  70. Torrid*
  71. Tractor Supply Co.
  72. Urban Outfitters
  73. Under Armour Factory House (Legends)
  74. Vans
  75. Victoria’s Secret* (on the plaza)
  76. Vineyard Vines
  77. Waldo Grain Co. (must be on leash)
  78. Waldo Hardware
  79. The Walking Company
  80. Warby Parker (Exam Room- ONLY service dogs allowed)
  81. West Elm*
  82. White House Black Market*
  83. Zumiez*
  84. Scout & Molly’s Town Center


*Shopping Centers:

Country Club Plaza welcomes dogs to walk around the shopping center. The Plaza is a very dog-friendly place to hang out; many dog-friendly places in KC have a location at the Plaza. Several stores put water bowls out in the summer for your pets to enjoy a refreshing drink

Zona Rosa allows dogs on a leash if they are friendly and maintained.

Oak Park Mall does NOT allow pets, even if a store DOES; Only service dogs.

Crown Center only allows service dogs inside the shopping center.

Independence Center does NOT allow dogs inside, even if a store DOES; Only service dogs.

Legends Shopping Center allows pets on a leash to walk around. Stores at the Legends Outlets are not necessarily pet-friendly. Check the list above.

Summit Fair allows dogs on leashes in the common grounds. Stores in Summit Fair are not necessarily pet-friendly. Check the list above.

Town Center Plaza & Park Place allow dogs on a leash to walk around. Stores at Town Center Leawood and Park Place are not necessarily pet-friendly. Check the list above.

Missing a dog-friendly place in Kansas City? Email us to add your favorite place to shop with your dog!

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